The high frequency electrical current not only subtly warms the skin tissue, it also causes blood circulation to immediately rush to the skin. Consequently, tiny underlying blood vessels and muscle groups contract to flush out toxins. 

Treats Existing Acne & Prevents Further Onset

When combined with the Iderm Facial, undergoing this treatment can cleanse the skin of bacteria and toxins that cause acne. Undergoing this treatment also makes the skin more receptive to acne treatment products and the results can be quite dramatic.

Reduces Blackheads & Enlarged Pores

The high frequency current produces a gentle spray of oxygen molecules that penetrate deep into the areas that are affected by blackheads and enlarged pores. They clean out all the debris and toxins, control sebum production and soften up the skin, which eliminates the blackheads and reduced the size of the enlarged pores.

The treatment is applied by passing the high-frequency current through the neon or argon gas filled glass electrodes over the concerned affected parts of the face or skin.

This modality has been proven to be a gentle and safe solution for skin conditions and problems.

Are There Any Risks?

Being a holistic approach to the issue of skin rejuvenation, it is generally said to be safe, but it is advisable to keep from using a strong glycolic acid and AHA, when you're using high-frequency machines, and when you are pregnant. Your esthetician will advised you how to prepare yourself for this treatment.