Jody Leon has been a licensed professional in the skin & hair-care industry for over 25 years and holds licensure in both California and Washington State. In 1995 Jody was trained and certified on the Iderm Treatment in West Hollywood at the Face Place, one of Hollywood’s best skin care centers. Face Place clients included Cindy Crawford, Bette Midler, Brad Pitt and Sophia Coppola, to name a few.

After a few years at The Face Place, Jody moved on to build a successful private practice in Los Angeles. In 2002 he decided it was time to trade L.A. sunny smog for Seattle rainy fog and moved to the Pacific Northwest, where he continued to build an exclusive, private skin care clientele. In 2009, he made the Iderm Treatment available to the general public.

What Jody brings to the treatment room is humor, understanding, and compassion. He is here to listen to you and talk about your concerns and meet your needs in the best possible way. He looks forward to serving you.

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Chanté Robinson, Associate & licensed esthetician has been in the fashion and beauty industry for over 13 years. After graduating the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2003 she spent the next 10 years in Los Angeles working with a vast array of independent designers and photographers; styling for fashion shows, photo shoots, theater and catalogs.

Although her heart will forever have a special place for fashion and beauty, she has always held a long-standing passion for skincare. In 2013 she moved to Seattle and became a licensed esthetician to officially pursue a career in corrective skincare and in early 2014 began working with Jody Leon at DERMASPACE.

Chanté says “My deepest enjoyment in skin therapy is having the ability to truly help people from the inside out. I have had my fair share of beauty battles and understand the importance and the effect on ones self esteem when given the proper care, knowledge, and guidance. A simple shift in your daily skincare regimen can make a world of difference!”

This is why we are very excited to have Chanté be a part of our family at DERMASPACE. 



Kailey Olin, Associate & licensed master esthetician has had a passion for skin care for over a decade. She began seeing an esthetician for her own skin care needs at age 13 and found herself so in love with all things skin care that she began doing facials on her friends and family well before ever going to school.

With a passion such as this it was only a matter of time before she embarked on a rewarding career of service in the skin care industry obtaining her dual licensure over 3 years ago as both an Esthetician and a Master Esthetician in the state of Washington with extensive knowledge on skin physiology & histology, various lasers and their usage and application as well as chemical peels, manual facial extractions and overall skin care knowledge.  

Her gentle and kind demeanor combined with her experience makes her a perfect addition to the DERMASPACE team.



Cora Speidel, Associate and Licensed Esthetician has been involved in skin care for the past four years.  As a child growing up, Cora had a keen eye for detail. She loved to create compositions using various mediums. This passion for art and beauty led her to graduating from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art. While art will always be a passion of hers, she found her true calling in skin care where she can apply her attention to detail, steady hands and love for helping others.

She began her health and beauty career as a makeup artist and fell in love with skin care instantly once she saw how she could help clients feel beautiful in their own skin. She then began working at DERMASPACE as a Client Coordinator which soon turned into a year long apprenticeship under Jody Leon.

Her calming presence, attention to detail, and love for helping others are just some of the reasons why Cora is the perfect addition to our team here at DERMASPACE.


Jody Leon founded DERMASPACE on the Buddhist principles of Mettā or Maitrī which means cultivating unconditional loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, goodwill, and active interest in yourself. We understand how hard it can be to deal with skin issues that can affect one’s own self-esteem and well being and believe that self-care and unconditional kindness to oneself is an essential first step in cultivating compassion for others. 

It all starts with you.
We are here to help.


Phone: 206-849-6620



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