What Does Glycolic Acid Do For Your Skin? Dermatologists Explain.

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Here at DERMASPACE we use Glycolic daily and dozens of clients of all different skin types with great results. Our most popular facial is our Iderm Facial Treatment w/ Glycolic which will run you about $160.

We also carry an amazing product called, Glycolic Gel Pads.

It acts like a Micro peel with glycolic acid at low pH (3.5), hydrating peptides, and botanical extracts. Smoothes, firms, helps clear acne, and improves pore appearance.


  • Gently removes dead cell build up on surface to improve luminosity and even tone

  • Lessens the appearance of fine lines with continued use

  • Can be used as wash-off or leave-on product

  • Helps clear acne breakouts by preventing new- and dissolving existing dead cell plugs in pores

You can pick up this amazing product HERE!!